Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding - INITIALIZING

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: intel Xeon
    • OS: Ubuntu server 20
    • Java Runtime Environment: zulu 11
    • openHAB version: 3.0.2 Release Build

I am using Xiaomi GW2 to connect my devices - about 50 Xiaomi zigbee devices. About 20 are wired wall switches (with neutral, so should act as routers) which are evenly spread around the house, and the rest are wireless wall sw, leak sensors, smoke sensors, door sensors etc.

The problem actually appeared a while ago, when OH3 was pre-release and I used OH2.5.

So what happens is that the gateway remains in INITIALIZING state in OH for a few minutes, then goes OFFLINE and that’s it.
I do see regular hearsbeats with “netcat -ukl 9898”, the multicast is working fine with my server and the wifi.
The only thing which helps, is to UNINSTALL and then INSTALL again Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding, sometimes like 20 times, and then, after some random times, all of a sudden, the gateway goes ONLINE and remain online until openhab is restarted.

I was so frustrated back then, so I ditched the gateway in favour of USB stick and zigbee2mqtt. Just to have another total failure. It’s kinda off-topic, but the problem was that the network off ALL my devices was stable and fast for ~10 hours, and then about half of the devices became unreachable, one after another, and the rest were super slow to respond.

So I went back to GW2. But the time OH3 was released, and I hoped my problems will go away. Well, no. Still here.

There’s nothing interesting in the logs (default config). Please, advise what can I do so find out the reason?