Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding - Support for Xiaomi Aqara Cube


is it planned in the future to integrated the Xiaomi Aqara Cube in the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding? At the moment only, the Xiaomi Mi Cube is in the Binding, but there all other mi and aqara Xiaomi Products in the binding.

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I hoped that the new Cube (Aqara) would work with the Mi Cube thing, but it doesn’t recognize any actions. In the paper UI I see the device online with all channels.

My Cubes don’t even get detected lol

Would be cool to include the Aqara Cube. Right now I only get the battery status.

Are there any news about inclusion of xiaomi aqara cube?

this is a greatful device … i wish i could integrate it in the openhab

The binding only support “Xiaomi Smart Magic Cube” and not the Aqara version. However, you can only buy the Arara cube. I could not find the Magic cube.

:frowning: is there no plan to extend the binding for aqara cube?

That would be great! I already have twi cubes and cannot really use them.


after a Update of “MI Home”-App it works :wink:


Hy! I´m dealing with the same problem.
My Aqara Cube wont be detected. I updated the gateway firmware to the latest, my MiHome app is 5.4.26.
The cube is also shown in the app and motions are recognised.
But although, the Aqara cube wont appear in the inbox of the paper UI… :frowning:

Which version of openhab do you have?
Because the xiaomi binding is also relevant.
Support for the aqara cube has been added recently.

On my site it’s working with: openHAB 2.4.0~M5-1 (Milestone Build)

In openHAB 2.4 the Cube is official supported and it work perfect.

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