Xiaomi Miio airpurifier 2s eu not working

Hello all, I am new to this community and to home automation.

1.I have managed using the documentation to install openhabian on a raspberry Pi3;

  1. Installed visual code editor to edit config files;

  2. Edited the addons.cfg file to install “miio” and “network” binding";

  3. Created a new “.things” file and edited it adding the air purifier;
    Thing miio:basic:07D4A85F “Aer” @ “Bedroom” [host=“”, token=“my token”, deviceId=“07D4A85F”, model=“zhimi.airpurifier.mc1”]

  4. Created a new “.items” file and created items for thing using visual code editor openhab add-on, openhab auto linked them afterwards to channels;


  5. When I go to control page nothing updates;

  6. I have no errors in the log file;

  7. Other bindings work fine, things update;

I have tried reinstalling the binding, adding the thing in auto discovery mode, manual mode, changing the “Device Model String” using similar device models supported by the binding, reinstalled openhab 2 times, updated device and software using putty.

What else can I do?



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Help please!



If you ever get this to work - please share! I’m struggling with the same issue…