Xiaomi Motion Sensor Question

Hi guys, I am planning on getting a couple of Xiaomi Motion Sensors to trigger turning on lights around the house. For example, I will put a sensor in the bathroom so that as soon as motion is detected, the bathroom light turns on, and if no motion for a minute or two, bathroom light turns off.

Now my question is for those that have this sensor… how fast does the motion activated info gets sent to OpenHab? Will it be a case of me walking into the room and the sensor will detect me and quickly turn on the bathroom light? In other words I won’t have to be waiting a while before I can see what I am doing?


Yes, triggers immediatly

I’ll be a bit more precise:
In my case the data flow is Zigbee -> Wifi -> Ethernet -> KNX
I would say the delay is about 0,3 to 0,5 sec
For me, whats important is they really are reliable so they trigger every time


Thanks guys. So what is this 2 minute expiry thing that happens on these Xiaomi Motion Sensors? Something that it won’t trigger a update until after a minute, on the Xiaomi bindings example?

// Mijia Motion Sensor
Switch MotionSensor_MotionStatus <motion>  { channel="mihome:sensor_motion:<GwID>:<ID>:motion" }
// minimum 5 seconds - remember that the sensor only triggers every minute to save energy

As others have said, it’s very quick.

The timeout is how long the contact won’t trigger for.

I set them to min and manage the duration in OH.

Excellent, thanks to all for your responses.