Xiaomi - or possibly an alternative system


I am looking for a smart home system with temperature/humdity and window sensors.

The Xiaomi system seems to be reasonably priced and also compatible with openHAB. So I want to hear if this device is supported with openHAB:

It is called “Xiaomi Multifunctional Gateway WiFi Compatible with Xiaomi Sensors and Products”

I ask because the openHAB documentation at


only seems to mention compatibility with “Xiaomi Smart Gateway v2 (with radio support)” and another place “Gateway 2 or 3”

PS: If someone knows of an alternative to Xiaomi available in EU please let me know - I would love to have LCD displays on the temperature and humidity sensors and possibly also a slightly more accurate/expensive humidity sensor.


Hi Hansen
I have this one at home, I see it as gateway v2 on aliexpress but my binding says v.3 - I don’t know if it is somebinding with a firmware upgrade. I bought this from aliexpress and I very happy with it. I added alot of extra and it now the backbone of my home automation system:


First i wanted to place an one-wire temp humidty sensor in each room. I have empty hoses in the wall, so it would be no problem.

But i saw xiaomi and now i use it instead of 1wire. Much less work for me and working very properly.

I have about 10 temp/humidity sensors around the house.

I have the (v2 ?) version of xiaomi gateway, it is the version with webradio.

I think v3 is the brand new aqara gateway?

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your reply. It looks to me like this is a US website. I live in EU so I want to buy from EU due to 1) Be sure it uses the correct and legal frequencies and 2) Avoid high charge due do import tax.



Don’t buy this via Amazon, it’s way you expensive. Just buy it via Ali, Gearbest of Bangood. Delivery is mostly within 2 weeks, never had to pay extra taxes and perfect service. And offcourse much cheaper.

Good evening.

I have also a question which ties into here.

I am thinking about buying a Xiaomi Smart Table Desk Lamp.(https://www.gearbest.com/table-lamps/pp_363779.html) It is also IFTTT compatible, but i wanted to know if i can directly bind it to openhab with the binding or do i need the gateway for it?
My main intension is to integrate into my openhab installation without cloud functionality.

Thanks for your guidance.

I think this should be compatible with “Openhab Xiaomi Mi IO Binding”: https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/openhab-xiaomi-vacuum-binding

If you’re looking at humidity, temperature etc. I have these installed at home V.Things - CO2 Monitor
and have to say extremely accurate and supports MQTT out of the box, so easy to integrate.

These sensors give you much more than humidity and temp obviously and does not do door sensors.

thanks :slight_smile: just… after my 2nd child was born several of months ago, i have absolutely no time for the devices :frowning: