Xiaomi PIR Errors when changing Motion Status

Hi All,

I’m starting to see some erros in my openhab log, that I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen before.
When I push a Switch that sets my Xiaomi Motions Sensor Timer to (10800) and turns my Xiaomi Motion Sensor to ON (Manually) I see this erros in my Log:

2018-04-26 10:18:04.551 [ERROR] [me.handler.XiaomiSensorMotionHandler] - Channel mihome:sensor_motion:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx:motion does not exist

It works, but I’m kinda a curious why it throws the error when everything seems to be running?
Anyone have an idea?

So this seems to happen only if I manual trigger the Motion status by pushing a button that then triggers a rule, which then sets the Motion to ON or OFF.

The error doesn’t show up when that Motion state if being set by “movements” in front of the PIR.
It’s not a big deal and it all works, but I was just wonderring :).