Xiaomi PIR sensors

Have an Xiaomi PIR sensor which has behaved itself exceptionally well for a year has suddenly started generating false positives on the daily.
Anyone else experienced this? Could it be a battery going flat? It’s probably the sensor which has seen the most use. The battery telemetry statistic is useless isn’t it?


The sensors themselves are very simple devices and a well proven reliable technology.
Change the battery would be the first step

Thanks. Yes, I didn’t mean the sensor might be “worn out” in any other way than simply a drained battery. I’ll take out the battery and replace it. I just wish the battery telemetry data meant something! :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t call them simple, though. Simple is 433mhz…

I didn’t mean the transmiter and associated electronics. I mean the PIR sensor itself.

My Xiaomi temperature sensors started giving out of range values after about a year. Maybe there is some issue internally common to them. Fortunately I can filter invalid temperature values. Not so easy to determine incorrect motion.

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