Xiaomi pm2.5 detector integration with openhab2


I am thinking to buy the pm2.5 detector and xiaomi looks quite nice and can be connected to via wifi. I would like of course integrate it with my openhab somehow. Does anyone has some experience of what interface could I use?
Perhaps, you can recommend any other nice pm2.5 detector that could be integrated?

Thanks in advance for some hints!

I guess it should be possible to control it with the Miio binding, but very hacky. Nothing out of the box.
I know there is a Sonoff air quality sensor you can flash with tasmota.
This is the device I mean

Hey @krzysztof_rrr, you can try this binding - it does support PM2 detectors t https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/miio/

However for me only this the Mi Air Monitor v1, I have also Mi Air Quality Monitor 2gen however for this one even tho OH shows status online I am not getting any data…

Please try and let me know if it works for you.