Xiaomi problem with Sensors

Hello guys,

I got myself a Xiaomi Gateway and some Sensors and Buttons.
Now the following is happening.

My openHAB is running in WLAN
and the Xiaomi
Installed the Xiaomi Binding.
Could not find the Gateway, so I added it myself manual via Paper UI. Inserted the Ip, Dev-Key and all Sensors showed up in my Inbox. I thought HEY that’s awesome.

But here starts the Trouble. Bridge and Motion Sensor added
Channel Linked via Items created from PaperUI
But no values at all, what did I do wrong?

I have likewise problems, I discovered that it seems to update when I play around with the lan setting on the Mihome app, but this might be by chance.

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I changed like 5 Times the Dev-Key and added the Gateway new. But nothing :confused:

@Moellegaard could you describe what you changed ?

No sorry, I can’t replicate it.

some of the different verson of the xiaomi gateway binding is not working, see Mi(Xiaomi) Smart home bindings?

Here some logs, that show that the Bridge and the Sensors can go Online, but never do anything.
Now on GitHub https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/issues/2459

What do you mean by that? Are your OH and Xiaomi is a different subnet?
When you plug a network cable and connect to the wi-fi do you get the IP address in the same range? like 192.168.1.x ?

They can communicate with each other, checkout the GitHub Issue

Iot VLAN where only (The openHAB RaspBerry Pi is allowed to communicate into different VLANs and Internet)
The IoT Insecure Monitor VLAN for MiHome and Alexa and all the IoT Devices that need Internet which I don’t trust. (Xiaomi Bridge)

Can there be other protocols or ports blocked? Try to bring them together under one vlan and check, if it works than something wrong with the network config.
I’ve got mine working, OpenHABian + Xiaomi Gateway under one subnet. I’ve got mikrotik to block the outbound packets if I need to.

I think you did not get me right.

The Bridge and all Sensors go Online, see logs.
But the Sensors can’t get any Data.

Also I don’t want Xiamoi in the same Network, because untrusted connections to China.

Maybe you can give it a try just for a couple of minutes?
You will then know that the problem is somwhere else

Tested within the same VLAN, with internet access for Xiamoi.
Now the Items are getting Values.

Follow up:
Testing with blocked communication for the Xiaomi Bridge.

Blocked all traffic for Xiaomi Bridge seems like Sensor still deliver Values