Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Binding

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(JustAProgrammer) #630

In the PaperUI it looks like this:

Do you mean the indentifier “Yeelight1-5” in the PaperUI?

(marcel) #631

okay, and for the device that you want to send the color command to…
if click the edit button you can see the model. You can also override it there

(JustAProgrammer) #632

Oh, you mean the ModelID? interesting, but how do I send RGB values while runtime within the rules to them?

(marcel) #633

I see…
I never tried it, but I think there are 2 ways with rules:

  1. Send a raw command based on the spec @Orfait attached to the command channel
  2. Send a color command with rules. Color is bit of a pain,

you can try something like
var HSB_WARM_WHITE = new HSBType(new DecimalType(30), new PercentType(20), new PercentType(100))
sendcommand ( lightthing, HSB_WARM_WHITE)

(Nikita K) #634

I really like it. It almost silent up to 60% of power, have some nice features like "natural wind " - when it simulates wind by oscillating speed and other features you could see in parameters. As always with xiaomi it looks way better than generic el-cheapo ones.
I’ve bought it for 179$ on ali with free shipping via UPS to Czech Republic and without any customs. (send from UK or EU I think).

hardwareVersion MW300
modelId zhimi.fan.v3

(Thorsten G) #635

I have the same problem. Every time I do a scheduled cleanup, the map is different. Sometimes the map is even upside down! From what I’ve read in different forums there are 2 possible ways to deal with it:

  1. Never do a scheduled cleanup again using the Xiaomi software. Instead use a zone for the whole cleaning area and schedule a zone cleanup for that zone using openhab. Doesn’t work for me as the vacuum tends to get stuck on obstacles much easier (in my case a low carpet).
  2. Build some kind of tunnel around the charging station. That way the vacuum supposedly (I haven’t tried that yet) creates exactly the same map every time as the sensors calibrate themselves.

I, for one, have given up on zone cleanup for now. I hope Xiaomi will release a new firmware which will fix the problem I have with solution 1.



(Partone) #636

Same issues here.
The robot seems to act very stupid in “zoned cleanup”. For this reason I will wait (hope) for a relieable solution.
Thanks to the developer(s) anyway! Good job!

(Kristof Rado) #637

Yes I also noticed that when I start a zoned cleanup it acts very weird compared to a normal cleanup. It always stucks on places where in a normal cleanup has zero issues…

(Kristof Rado) #638

Hope this is just temporaly. My vacuum is not so old, and I know this zoned cleanup thing is introduced in the latest update (I have the v1 vacuum), so I’m hoping that this will improve!

(Alex) #639

Hello! Does this plugin/addon support Xiaomi Yeelight RGB bulb? Thanks

(marcel) #640

Yes, most functions are supported for the regular RGB model.

(Turloiu Razvan) #641

Hello guys,
As u noticed i’m new on oh and i will like to know if is possible to

  • send commands to xiaomi vacuum
    -set clean up schedule on xiaomi vacuum
    my basic reason for asking is because i don’t like to have my vacuum linked to an external server :slight_smile:

from basic ui i can start stop and dock

(marcel) #642

Yes, you can send any command through the command channel (unhide it in paperui as it an advanced channel)

Look on my github page for the command to add a schedule

(Turloiu Razvan) #643

Dude ur awesome.

(JustAProgrammer) #644


Thing miio:basic:MyLight "My Light" [ host="", token="token" ]


String MyLight_ActionCommands "Action Commands" {channel="miio:basic:MyLight:actions#commands"}


var vHSBType = new HSBType(new DecimalType(30), new PercentType(20), new PercentType(100))
sendcommand(MyLight_ActionCommands, vHSBType)


logreader:reader:e21bd3bb:newErrorEvent triggered 2018-06-09 08:25:17.842 [ERROR] [ntime.internal.engine.RuleEngineImpl] - Rule '7 Farben auswählen': The name 'MyLight_ActionsCommands' cannot be resolved to an item or type; line 40, column 17, length 23

So logs say the variable or thing isn’t defined at all, what am I doing wrong?

(Albin) #645

Your are sending a HSBType into String : not possible.
In the MyLight_ActionCommands, you should only send String according to the Yeelight spec.

(JustAProgrammer) #646

Yeah I was aware of this, but I don’t even know which datatype you should use for a HSB Type lol
Thank you Ill check it out
Probably Color when I think about it

(Albin) #647

Try to create a string with the set_hsv function (concatenate string and int values from HSBType).

sendCommand(MyLight_ActionsCommands, 'set_hsv[245, 55, "smooth", 2000]')

Then do the same with set_bright for the brightness part of HSBType.

Note : I have not tested this solution.

(Andrew Pawelski) #648

Anyone else lost access to everything on mi home app since last night?

(Ward) #649

Is the “Xiaomi Mijia Smart LED Desk Lamp” (MJTD01YL) also supported? See https://www.mi.com/en/smartlamp/