Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Binding

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(marcel) #1000

Indeed, thanks,

Note that it may be a more generic issue somehow as I can see also

Memory Leak MI IO?
(Raffaello Bonvino) #1001

Hi all, I just upgraded my roborock sw to 3.3.9_001702 version, but the binding is no longer able to control or retrieve data from robot. Where’s the problem? How can I have a look to the binding logs? Thanks in advance.

(marcel) #1002

To look at the logs
execute these in the karaf console:

log:set debug org.openhab.binding.max
log:tail org.openhab.binding.max
bundle:restart org.openhab.binding.max

(Stefan Haupt) #1003

I can just say, that I got my first roborock s50 yesterday with the same firmware. works like a charm. maybe your token changed?

(Stefan Haupt) #1004

beginner question: do I see this correctly that the DND (do not disturb) function cannot be set via any channel? It seems the channels are READ-ONLY

(marcel) #1005

Indeed, it is not supported by the binding. If you want to switch on/off the DND you can do so by making a rule and send the right command via the command channel

e.g. set_dnd_timer [22,0,8,0] [start hour, start minutes, end hour, end minutes]

(Stefan Haupt) #1006

thanks a lot, but this goes beyond my expertise. I know how to write rules but what is “set_dnd_timer”? In general I wonder myself where I can find more information about available commands?

(marcel) #1007

see the Sending custom commands in the very first topic for some more info on sending commands and which commands are known. In this (long) topic you find several examples of folks writing rules for it

(Stefan Haupt) #1008

fantastic! wouldn’t it make sense to copy/paste this to the binding documentation?

(Stefan Haupt) #1009

using the instructions and links above I noticed that the fan modes are differnet for my vacuumer.
Doc says:

Mode Level
Quiet 38
Balanced 60
Turbo 75
Max 100
Mob 105

But in my case (Roborock S50) it’s

Mode Level
Quiet 101
Balanced 102
Turbo 103
Max 104
Mob 105

Is this a “known issue”?

(Raffaello Bonvino) #1010

You were right. Thanks. For an unknown reason the token changed :slight_smile:

(Dezito) #1011

I cant add this item ‘items/XiaomiMiRoborockVacuum_Cleaning_CleaningFinished’ with an invalid item type ‘Boolean’ because it i preset as an boolean

(marcel) #1012

@StefanH yes, more or less. Though I did not have the correct mapping confirmed though.

My understanding is that the above 100 values are the mobbing modes, where the vacuum is actually slower than in the ‘usual modes’. Is that correct?

(Stefan Haupt) #1013

not sure I can follow. As far as I could see, I can just control fan power, not speed. In the original Mi Home app this is called Cleanup Mode. The different fan settings are named like MAX or Mob. In Mob setting, the fan is just turned off. This way the roborock will make no noise, just mob

(Raffaello Bonvino) #1014

Hi all, I noticed a slowdown in the reactivity of the vacuum to the commands sent through the binding with the latest fw update. Do you notice the same issue?

(Simon) #1015


i got this aqara camera hub.

It has the device id lumi.camera.aq1
guys at python miio seem to have integrated it allready:

could you add support for this camera?

(Andreas) #1016

Does anybody know how to resume a cleaning or zoned cleaning?

Did you ever find out how to do this? Or does anyone else know how to resume a zone cleaning?

(marcel) #1017

@Simsal looks indeed like it could be supported as a basic device.
Maybe you can give it a try and attempt to create a database file for it see the linked example

(Raffaello Bonvino) #1018

For me, with the version 3.3.9_001720 of the fw of the robot, this binding sometimes does not work and sometimes is very slow.