Xiaomi Sensor Rule


I managed to bind my Xiaomi Door Sensor and Motion Sensor without the hub, but with a Zigbee stick and the Zigbee binding.

The sensor’s channels are shown as switches, do I have to link them as contacts or switches?
I tried both now with a simple rule, but none did work:

rule "Test"

        Item DoorSensor changed



with the Innr light and the sensor set up in paperUI.

Is there anything I am missing?

Use the events.log to see if your Items are actually changing

Just did, they are not changing.

I activated the ZigBee bidning log but I dont really understand whats going on since its much info (100+ lines within a minute) and complicated.
I added some snippets from a few minutes, maybe one of you can figure it out?

ZigbeeLog.txt (74.4 KB)

Try using chris´s zigbee logviewer:

Tried it, but couldnt figure out whats wrong tbh :confused: