Xiaomi sensor state events from deconz not seen

Hi all,
I have installed rasbee image on a raspberry pi and played around adding a few Xiaomi aquara temp/humid/pressure sensors, also some philips hue lights and an Osram light too. so far adding lights and controlling them through the phoscon app likes fine, adding them to OH 2.5.11 also is fine and I can control the lights though sitemap and all seems good. For a different reason I have removed all lights from the conbee control and I am now looking at moving my xiaomi devices to it.

The issue I am having is the sensor is online and I get the initial discovery temperature and humidity values populated to OH items. but the never update. I can see that the values are changing on the phoscon app but not being seen in OH, I do get a event log message to say the sensor had an update but no value comes through.

Anyone advise what is going on? I have configured it all through paperui.



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