Xiaomi Sensor with ZigBee Stick


I got OH2 running on a Raspberry Pi3, and now I instealled a ZigBee (Ember) Stick and the ZigBee binding.

In the zigbee documentation, the sensors I want to include (Door sensor and motion sensor) are listed as supported.

I could connect the motion sensor, although I dont really understand how to use it, since it doenst show me a channel.

And I cant properly connect the door sensor. If I press the reset/connect-button, it discovers my device, but after that it shows the device as offline with " node has not completed discovery".

I tried holding the button down or pressing it multiple times, neither of it worked so far.

Any ideas?


I know with battery powered zwave devices, one needs to wake the device up multiple times to give the binding a chance to interrogate it to figure out what it is. Given it’s the same developer as the zigbee binding I wouldn’t be surprised if one needs to do something similar. The wake-up action is usually the same as the inclusion action on the device.

If that doesn’t do it I’ve no further ideas.

Thanks Rich, I will try that! Do I have to stay in the “discovery mode” while pushing the button multiple times?

I havn’t figured out yet if holding the button for 5 secs makes any difference to only pushing once short, because the LED feedback is more or less random blinking^^

I will update if I find anything!

I do have other Xiaomi sensors. It is right, that you have to keep them awake until the binding has completed the discovery (clusters, neighbors, routes etc.).

Since they fall to sleep very fast to save battery power, you have to push the config button (short!) on the device a couple of times during the discovery.

For my Xiaomi sensors I did this 5 to 10 times with a few seconds (3 til 5s?) in between. Observe the log during it … :wink:

Long press lead to to reset of the device IIRC.

Thanks! I got it figured out now!

I don’t think this is in any way related to the developper :wink: It’s also not a general issue with ZigBee, but, it is a problem with Xiaomi devices as they tend to sleep almost immediately after they join the network. You will also find this is an issue with other systems such as SmartThings.