Xiaomi smart plug Without Hub

Hey guys,
Very new to this. I am wondering if anyone knows if its possible to setup a mi smart plug without having the hub?

Hey Jake,

as far as I know you do need the Hub. openHAB connects to the gateway and the gateway controls the single items.

If you want to directly connect sockets to your wifi you could have a look at โ€œSonoff S20โ€ (take care - they do not have a power monitor). You can even flash alternative firmware on them.


Thank you for the advice. I have a sonoff (not s20) that i havent wired up yet. I didnt see the s20, i might give that a go. If i am going to hook s20 up to openHab will i need to flash custom firmware? I have looked it up and it doesnt seem to hard anyway. Just wondering

Dont know if you really need to do it. I just received my first socket and I am waiting for 5 more - then I will flash and try them out. I cannot tell you anything out of my own experience, but here is a thread: ITEAD Sonoff switches and sockets - cheap ESP8266 Wifi+MQTT hardware . I think it is way easier to connect it with wifi and the button has more functions then - at least I think so :slight_smile:

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Hey @jakedawson, flashing the Sonoff S20 and the dozens other Sonoff modules is pretty easy. After that you have endless options to configure the modules. Definitely a big recommendation from my side.

Check out the linked thread, all is discussed there.

Thanks heaps guys. Think I might swap to sonoff