Xiaomi SmartHome Binding under a later OH Version then 2.2

Has anyone fixed the issues of the Xiaomi SmartHome Binding and how?
I’m losing my mind on this one, I’m trying for half a year now to fix this issue.

What issues?
I’m running OH2.3 and all seems to be working well…

no connection to the gateway, detects all sensors but doesn’t update the values.
happend on the update from 2.2 -> 2.3

made a firewall rule, declared them all in .things again, restarted the gateway/OH, un/installed the Binding etc.
I have no idea what I can do anymore

I’m guessing the original Xiaomi APP works fine?

I do not use .things for the mihome device. I use auto discover in paperui. But all the items is set up manually. I have no problems. And I´m running 2.3