Xiaomi Smarthome - Components quality?

Hi there,

With Openhab now supporting Xiaomi Smarthome, I wondered about the quality, accuracy and reliability of those components.
Especially since this would be one of the cheapest options to cover a complete house with presence, smoke and door/window sensors.

Does anyone know any good/critical reviews that shed some light?

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I am wondering the same thing. I probably wouldn’t use the mains devices, but I need some motion and door sensors. I was going to build some based on MySensors, but as we all know time, time time.

The binding seems to be fairly new. I’m mainly concerned about the timeliness of the status updates and obviously reliability. I need a motion sensor to turn on my under cabinet lights in the kitchen, but I don’t want to be fumbling around in the dark for several seconds.

I’d love to hear about experiences with these products.

I’m using Mysensors now as well, but for the price of the Xiaomi it’s not really worth the effort IF they (door/window + motion sensors) are reliable…

I’m using some motion, door/window sensors from xiaomi with OH 2.0 for a few weeks now and so far they work great!
I use 3 motion sensors for my bathroom, closett and toilett, to switch on the (mi)lights, the lights go on within a second
One great advantige i think is that they are very small, you can put them everywhere, and play with the best position, so it only detects movement when it should!
The 4 door/window sensors also respond within a second, i’m still testing with them and rules to make them usefull😆
I also have 6 temp/ humid sensors, i use 2 of them to make my fan’s smart, if temp is higher then x, set fan speed low… etc
The cube is also i nice to have gadget😂, you can realy make it do incredible things with OH
I also have some buttons, the xiaomi mi home stuff is good quality, looks nice, works great so far and is really cheap as chips!

Hope this helps,