Xiaomi Temperature Sensor - manual mode?

Has anyone ever had one of these go where it only seems to push an update when you hit the button…it seems to be if I hit the button 3 times, the woman on the gateway says something in Mandarin, and then it gives an update on the temp.

But otherwise it doesn’t. I don’t think it’s my OH/Gateway config as I’ve got 3 other temp sensors and 1 contact sensor that are all working ok.

This one was working, then stopped one day. Regardless of a new battery, and reset/repair (both in and out of the app, or openhab or manually with the physical buttons), it has issues pairing.

I wonder whether I just give up…but the fact it does post an update when I fiddle with the buttons makes me wonder if I’ve set something somehow…

I have one that constantly shows up as offline but will send an update when I press the button…
I’ve assumed there is something wrong with it as my 11 others work just fine.

I have heard more than once about such a problem in the xiaomi thematic forums.
Also, when buying the last temperature sensor (square), it was in the middle of summer, for aliexpress, several suppliers, after payment, refused to send the sensor and returned the money, saying that this sensor had a lot of defects at that time. Perhaps you have a sensor from a defective batch. Return it to the supplier.

actually I have a button (square) which is not functional as well. every time I press the button it seems to be sending a connection request to the gateway an the nice woman says something. So it seems that buying cheap, sometimes you buy twice…