Xiaomi Vaccuum Map etc

Hello togeter,

maybe someone who operates an xiaomi vaccuum can help me. I have the first version (roborock) and two problems with integrating in openhab:

a) Cant get the map to work. The log is showing a line like “Getting vacuum map roboroommap from Xiaomi cloud server: cn”, but nor “Ok” or something and the map does not appear. Its strange that i dont see that line everytime i try to open the sitemap.

In one discussion i read to omit the languange code “cn”, cause xiaomi cn server(s) are without this code but that doesnt help.

Any ideas for me?

(everything else is working)

b) There are Items (values) like: main_brush_time
What das that mean and which unit is that? Something like “How long is this brush in use in Minutes?”

Thank you!

What is the country defined in your mihome app? China mainland?
Your best chance is to try the various country’s (hk, sg, de,us,ru,tw, cn are I think the current known servers). The binding indeed will remove the cn part as indeed the cn server does not have a county in the server url.

If that does not work out suggest to enable debug logging, so we can see what responses you get when requesting the map. That may give a hint what is going on.