Xiaomi Vibrations sensor property meanings

I have the Xiaomi vibration sensor with the xiaomi 3.4 snapshot binding used

Using the Paper UI, I got it all setup

This is what it looks like

Are there any docs that help me with a description of

  1. Tilt Angle
  2. X orientation
  3. Y orientation
  4. Z orientation
  5. Bed Activity index

Any suggestion on changing the last activity date format to YYYY-MM-DD-HH:MM:SS or ISO

I’m looking for a way to transform Tilt, X, Y, and Z to a percentage value so that a read only slider can be used to show how far my Garage door is open.

Hi Christopher
Did you find a proper interpretation of the different vibrations sensor items?
I finally had the time to look at the sensor again, it seems like wonderfull show off gadget :slight_smile:

No. Nothing yet

it depends on your garage actually. does it just drive up? does it tilt as well?
You can attach it and then pair again so that it resets its orientation.
I would not bother units or transformations. just measure different positions while the sensor is attached.

Then calculate a linear regression curve for each seperate value. In the end some rule which checks all relevant values is able to translate back to the position of your garage door.

not only show off - there is much room for creativity. @binderth was looking into sensing roof windows. I use it for washing machine activity detection using the bedactivity index, which gives me a rough info if I forgot to collect the laundry again :slight_smile: