Xiaomi Water Leak Sensor dont show in Inbox

Hi All,

i have OH2 2.2 under docker running - and a MiHomeGateway2 implemented via PaperUI and the MiHomeBinding.

Work good since month - have connected 2 Temp Sensors and one Water Leak Sensor.

Since a few days the waterleak sensor doesnt appaer in OH anymore - I can see it as online under MiHomeApp but not under OH.

I have removed it from MiHomeApp and connect it new but it also doesnt appear in inbox - tried to add it manualy in OH but i cant find the correct thing for it if i try manual add it :frowning:

What to do here ?

PS.: It worked now months and was added via paper ui - now its gone :frowning: and cant be added anymore - only my self created item is still there

Does the sensor add? And is it working in the MiHome app?

I have a temp sensor that, like you, was working for months then stopped.

It half pairs and will work manually, but it won’t automatically update. I think it’s dead.

yep in MiHome app all is working good - just in OH it wont appear - also as i said i cant add it manualy by ID because the Water Leak Sensor are not listed in the menu of paper UI :frowning:

hi @black0r1337, can you verify which OH and binding version you use? The water leak sensor shows up in PaperUI for me. I use 2.4.0.M6

@psyciknz, if your sensor still is alive but doesn’t report values then check your network config. for automatic updates your OH instance has to be able to receive multicast messages.

Mine doesn’t show up in mignonette any more. It’s pretty dead.

Any chance the battery is dead?

Yeah tried a coupe of batteries. No change. Will replace it.