Xiaomi : Which Gateway is recommended?

Is anyone able to give their opinion on which version of the gateway to get? I like the idea of the LEDs and speaker in the V2 but maybe the V3 one is better? Does the V3 have leds and a speaker?

Coincidentally, I just wrote a message on my progress with the zigbee2mqtt option. I can’t give you a recommendation, but if you are like me and several others, concerning about a Chinese gateway hooked up to your WiFi, you should look at the zigbee2mqtt option. We can disallow the gateway to connect to the Internet through the router, but I am still uncomfortable with it connecting to my WiFi. I didn’t know about zigbee2mqtt a month ago, so I bought a V2 gateway; it’s sitting on my desk now, haven’t even been plugged in.

Thanks for that info… My plan is to have all IOT devices on their own network that has no internet access so for now I might just go for the V2 gateway and one temp sensor…
But I’ll definitely investigate the zigbee2mqtt approach as this would allow for any number of zigbee devices to be integrated.