Xiaomi Yeelight binding for Synology OH

Does anyone have a Yeelight binding for OH on Synology?
I would like to include my light bulbs and stripes but unfortunately can’t find Yeelight or IoT Market Xiaomi bindings (I have set System Marketplace configurations as recommendet - but can’t find bindings).


I don’t know about the yeelight binding, but the Xiaomi IO binding is supporting many yeelight and is now a regular binding (so no market place needed).

…unfortunately I cannot find the Xiaomi IO binding in the Add On (using Synology version).

Don’t know about the Synology OH version… you will need to find the 2.4 version or 2.5 snapshot.
If not, you may try to extract the plugin from the latest version and try it on your version.

I will try to get the extract working…


You can download it here

Will spend the we to get it running tx