XMPP Message to Item?

I’ve dug around google for a bit and can’t find an answer to this. When I debug the XMPP action on my OH2 server I see messages like: “Received XMPP message: Test of type chat”. This was triggered by me sending a message via Hangouts to the account I use for OH2. Is there any way that the received message can be posted to the bus as an update to an item? I’d like to be able to use this to send commands similar to the VoiceCommand item that the android app uses.

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I tried the action yesterday and I think there is no way to using rules with message text but you can send console commands to control openhab.

Could you post your config for Hangouts and the required steps here? With dummy credentials of course. Can you use the normal userx@gmail.com username or do you have to use the cryptic Googletalk name for all users?