Xmpp + omemo

Hi there,

could someone implement OMEMO support for the XMPP action?
Or is it already supported and I just don’t see it?

I realize this post is very old, but I came across it trying to get XMPP working, and thought I would add my two cents in case someone comes along looking for the same information.

My understanding is that OMEMO is client based, and therefore it does not depend on the server for anything. In other words, it should be transparent to the server.

Keep in mind also that you only need to use OMEMO if you really don’t trust the server (i.e., you have an account on someone else’s server). Once I set up my own XMPP server at home (prosody) I quit using OMEMO, so that I could get the Jabber client working from inside Emacs (it did not support OMEMO). :smiley: To me, it was worth the slight tradeoff in security for the convenience.