XMPP send message problem to Google account

Hi all,

I have configured XMPP on opeHab2.2 with my gmail account. I have made some tests and works fine.
I decide to create a new account to use as sender for all the XMPP messages sent from openhab.
When I configure this account in my xmpp.cfg file I got the connection e no errors, but the messages are not sent.
I have moved back to my old account and it works.

It is strange that even if i try to use the new account as receiver for XMPP message from openHab it don’t receive nothing. If I send a message from my old account (using my phone) to the new one google talks works.

Any idea ?

Bye Mirko

I experienced a similiar issue. What I had to do to resolve this, was the following:
1.) Log into an XMPP client using the credentials of my openHAB server. One of those popular web frontends did the trick.
2.) Add my openHAB server’s XMPP account to my own contact list.
3.) Confirm my own account on the openHAB server’s account.
I then received a confirmation on my smart phone, that my openHAB server and I are now friend :slight_smile:

Hope, this helps.

All the best, Florian.