Yahoo Weather Binding UNDEF values

Yahoo weather binding sometimes changes the correct value of temperature, pressure and humidity to UNDEF.
Have you the same problem? Thanks for your help


I have the same problem


Same here

I hope someone can help us to solve this problem. I also tried to change the refresh time from 60 seconds to 15 minutes but the UNDEF values are still there. Please help us :sweat:

Do you have persistence on these items with restoreOnStartup? Are you doing anything else at this time, in particular editing .item files?

@rlkoshak: I don’t think this is related to persistence. I saw this behavior also on a VERY frequent basis with my own installation. And to make it clear: We are talking about the dedicated yahoo weather binding, not the general 1.x weather binding.

The state switched from a value to UNDEF very often (and back to a value some cycles later). This was very annoying and the reason why I uninstalled the yahoo binding.

Haven’t tried the 1.x weather binding yet (I have used it on my OH1 installation) and maybe I’ll wait for the general 2.x weather binding.

@lorenzo81: You can file an issue for this on the issue tracker. This should be the right place:

@jaydee73 Second that. I have no persistence Service at all. So its certainly unrelated to persistance.

I third that, I’ve never had the yahoo binding work for the whole week I’ve been using openhab, he he. But the 1.x weather binding works great with Forecast/IO (Dark Sky) and Weather Underground. You just need to unlearn everything you’ve learned for openhab 2 items syntax, he he.

I had a similar problem with the binding switching between UNDEF and valid values permanently. This problem has been fixed:

This fix should be contained in the OH2 Release Candidate.

I think it is definitely a problem of the Yahoo service. Now I’m using wunderground with the http binding and I can say it works very well