Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock + Z-Wave Module 2 (SD-M1100) - Add to database

I don’t think so. I have a Yale lock with this module (or one that looks the same - it might be an older one?!?) and it lasts at least a year. If the binding is doing anything to the device (eg regularly polling) which is the only thing that can affect battery life, then this would show up in the logs.

I would therefore double check the settings (although what you have looks fine). Check the logs - if there’s low/no general activity showing between the lock and the binding, then I don’t think it’s a binding issue. Feel free to send me a log if you like…

I don’t believe there’s any settings (ie config parameters) that can affect battery life - at least on mine there’s only about 5 or 6 settings, and they are things like language, volume and auto lock time.

Is there a “fix” on SmartThings? ie did they actively do something to improve it? I had a flick through the thread you linked, but I can’t see anyone saying it’s fixed on SmartThings?

The old one is see-through green and the new one which I have is opaque blue

I’ve used your site to check them myself but I’m not sure what to look for to be honest. I’ll send to you thanks.

Same with this lock, very few settings at all.

It is a very long thread. I supposed it depends on what I mean by fixed. I would be happy to replace the batteries monthly and people on that forum have been successful at achieving this. However it seems people just get lucky. It does not appear that there is a special way that people get it to work.

Yale advertise that they fully support SmartThings but the internet is rife with stories relating to battery problems.

@Curtis - I definitely had a big decrease in battery life when I first connected the doors to OpenHab through the RazBerry. After a reboot of the Raspberry Pi, this seemed to improve.
One of my locks now lasts ~2 weeks, and the other lasts a bit longer. One is further from the Razberry, so this makes sense.
Please note that I’m using NiMh batteries, Alkalines would be expected to last a bit longer.

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Firstly thanks @chris for taking the time to look through my logs and for letting me know all is OK from the OH end.

After 3 days my batteries died again so I contacted Yale technical support. They of course don’t blame their own equipment but the gateways for being too chatty. I explained that I understood this could be an issue but that I’ve checked this and it was not over communicating.

Anyway In an effort to not keep going around in circles I said what about SmartThings that you officially support, why is battery life still a big issue? He said that Samsung need to push a firmware update that will stop it and that they are in contact with them and it should get done at some point!

I said this was not good enough and they said that they understand this which is why they are creating a new module that will stop the problem at source. When I asked, “not sure, about a month” he replied! For clarification this would be a third module that is not available in shops yet.

So it turns out that Yale are well aware of the issue. I’m going to remove the module v2 for now and hope somehow the issue is fixed in the next month or so.

I’m not sure how the firmware can get updated on the module v2 via OpenHAB. You would think that I could connect to the Conexis L1 using the Yale App and update it like that or something.

Currently I have not implemented the OTA class since no supplier currently makes firmware available. I tried to get this changed with Fibaro and Aeon, but neither are currently willing to provide firmware.

If Yale have an app, then probably this will work - it’s also what Aeon do - ie they have an app that implements the OTA class, but doesn’t expose the binaries directly.

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