Yale YRD446 Manual Lock/Unlock Events

I’ve managed to get the Locking/Unlocking mechanism to work well, but in the event the lock is opened by a user manually, it currently does not update the actual status. The only way to know for certain is by toggling the lock/unlock state multiple times. In openhab logs i can see the following:

zwave_device_a003e302_node42_alarm_raw changed from {“notification”:“ACCESS_CONTROL__REMOTE_LOCK”,“level”:“1”,“type”:“ACCESS_CONTROL”,“event”:“3”,“status”:“255”} to {“notification”:“ACCESS_CONTROL__MANUAL_UNLOCK”,“level”:“1”,“type”:“ACCESS_CONTROL”,“event”:“2”,“status”:“255”}

Any idea in terms of how to have the MANUAL event to update the Door Lock Status?

Here is an example…

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Thanks Scott, was hoping for a less technical solution but will have a read and see how i go!