Yamaha R-N500 - Has someone running this with openHAB


I would like to buy a Yamaha R-N500 streaming receiver.
Is there someone who could tell me if it works with the yamaha binding (1.8.0 or 1.8.1) ?

RX-V479 is working well in my environment. I already have one.
The whole RX-Vxxx family seams to be tested quite well but I have
no info if also the R-Nxxx devices are supported from the binding.


Hi Frank,

i have an r-n301. Only Mute, Power and Input works. No Volume and no station selection :frowning:


Hi folks,

is there any technical reason why the rn 301 has less supported functions?
I am thinking about getting a Yamaha RN301 or 500 receiver. There are few informations about running an Yamaha R-N 500 or R-N 301 with openhab.

Any experience you would like to share?