Yamaha Receiver Binding support for WX-030

I have this binding installed working perfectly for my Yamaha Receiver RX-V481, which is great, thanks.
I do have another receiver, the WX-030 that although is discovered by the binding it fails to connect which I assume is just for lack of support of this device.
Just wanted to know if there are plans to extend support to the WX-030 in the future (I believe this device is quite popular, together with the WX-010). I know it has just a few features being just a satelite receiver, but being able to even have limited control like power on and off and volume control would be great.
If the author of this binding is willing to extend the support to this device Im more than willing to beta test it.



Please post a feature request on gitHub:

The title should be [Yamaha Receiver] Add support for WX-030