[yamahareceiver] how to set up netradio?

@joedirt - please could youi provide some info on your actual rules - I am trying to figure out how to actually change stations when using Net_Radio on the Yamaha AV receiver.
I can manage pretty much everything else, thanks

Righto - I figured this out.
Previoiusly I was under the impression that I needed some sort of remap to correlate the items to an XML structure with the vTuner yamaha interface (i.e. I was over complicating it)

In reality, it is far simpler than that.
Before you follow the above steps, all you need to do is put your AV receiver into Net_Radio mode and select your radio station - then simply push and hold the memory button (on the remote or the front panel of the receiver) to store the channel as a preset.
Now, you can simply use the sitemap in the above code(or in my case, use Alexa and a simple rule)

Happy days.
Hope this helps someone

Hi there,

i cannot safe NET RADIO Station to Preset. I have a RX-V775 and dont know if its supportet by this receiver.

Is there any other with the same Problem?

The openhab LOG tells me Channel preset not working with NET RADIO input!

What version of OH and Yamaha Receiver Addon are you using?

There are differences between Yamaha models and the preset command might need to be accessed under a different XML structure.

Can you please send your device descriptor XML, so that I could have a look?
Here are two possible URLs to download that from your receiver.

I am trying document these differences and increase the addon compatibility.

desc.xml (78.5 KB)

Here is the xml.

Im using OH 2.3 and the newest 2.3 Yamaha Plugin.

Thank you!

I checked the XML you provided for RX-V775 and it seems that the preset selecting for NET RADIO should be supported by the binding for your model. Furthermore, there is no XML command differences between RX-V775 compared to the model which I use to test this - and preset works for me on 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT.

The NET RADIO preset support was improved in 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT (unstable/developer build) and ultimately will make its way into the 2.4.0 release once release cycle comes. Maybe you could try the 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT version?

If you cannot upgrade then please post your .sitemap / .items configuration and perhaps I can spot something obvious…

Thanks @zarusz, please take a look at my other topic: Yamaha Net Radio Problem I found out that all Yamaha Receivers with Airplay cannot save Net Radio Channels as Preset and this is the main Problem wich i have to solve another way.

Ok, let’s switch to the conversations on the other thread. This thread is very long now…

Hi Andreas,

just wanted to confirm that with iobroker everything works like expected: I can completely control my Yamaha AVR using the repective adapter and some XML-workarounds.

I completely switched to iobroker now.

Out of curiosity, what did not work for you in the Yamaha AVR openHAB binding (other than navigation)?
What version did you try and what AVR model do you have?
Much work was put into testing all the features on different AVR models since version 2.3.0.

Btw, I also use Alexa skills to control the Yamaha AVR directly:

And also the openHAB Amazon skill for switches, lights and temperature.

Well, the navigation was what I wanted to work and this was the reason to switch.

Furthermore, once I digged a bit into iobroker ist was not difficult to switch, is much more straight forward generally than OpneHAB.

Fair enough. I don’t know iobroker, but out of all the stuff I researched openHAB did work out nicely for me and I have quite a lot of stuff: Sonoff, Alexa, Yamaha AVR, Kodi, Xiaomi Mi SmartHome, custom hardware integrated via MQTT, Rock64. Initially I was building my own home grown openHAB like platform few years back…

Regarding the Yamaha AVR binding. I did contribute some fixes and enhancements over the last few months. Still one minor issue to fix that I am aware of (in 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT). The navigation is the biggest piece that remains unresolved and most likely it will need a whole rewrite to get that working properly on most model (I am not using the navigation myself at the moment so lacking the incentive a bit here…).

The navigation works, but the ESH core is missing “commands”, see:

At the moment the channels for “left”,“right”,“up”,“down” etc are all declared as “trigger” channels, which at the time of adding that functionality I thought is the right choice. As soon as commands are introduced, there will be only one “navigation” channel and it will have “left”,“right”,“up”,“down”,“back” etc as command.

So yes, at the moment iobroker is superior over openHAB as long as we do not have those commands.

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Hi Tomasz, all the hardware you mention has its adapter in iobroker, too… rock64 is your computer providing the openhab instance under linux, I assume? It would probably also work for iobroker, since this also just needs a bare linux.

When your automation system is up and running fine there’s no argument to switch to iobroker in my opinion. I did this step because of the AVR and realized that things - including scripting - is much more consistent and straight forward, so I did never regret the migration. But it’s good that there are several systems out there so everybody has options to see what works best for his very needs. So far, I didn’t find a single argument against iobroker, though. Definitely worth a try if you’re pushing the limits of OpenHAB somewhen.

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Hi Krafel,
I’m new to home automation. I first discovered openHAB. Because of this post, I also give ioBroker a try. In BOTH platforms, I see NO navigation options. So you improved the ioBroker in a way that you find easier than in openHAB - am I right?

I am able to navigate in the NET RADIO menu by using a chrome REST client plugin, so I know the XML commands. How do you expand the ioBroker for navigation?

One more question: are you able to display album covers?

Greetings Onkel Ernst

Hi Onkel Ernst,

I basically followed the instructions here:

As your nick looks german I assume you gonna have no problems with that :wink:


Hi Krafel.

thanks for your answer. Ok, my expectations were probably too high…

The script just covers the basic functions in my opinion. I am interested in net radio, server operation and album art.

Sure, you’re right. For difficult cases I have google translator. :sunglasses:

Greetings Onkel Ernst