Yeelight binding?

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(Stephan K) #244

I also have that issues , that my bulbs and ceilings goes offline and won’t come back. Sometimes after restarting openhab some comes back … sometimes I need to remove the bulbs and hope that they will get discovered again .

This is the source from the yeelight binding from iobroker, it’s working perfekt without issues. I can also change to moon mode on my ceilings.
Still hopes that someday the OH bindings will work like this :wink: … ATM it’s not usable for me, most time the things are offline.

The original dev from this binding is an official Yeelight dev.As far as I know he didn’t had the time to work on this anymore.

Also thanks for your work clel :slight_smile:


(Jan Odvarka) #245

Believe it or not but I have never used git before. I will do my homework (I will need it anyway) but right now I have no idea how to create issues yet. But at least I can cooperate with whoever wants to contribute as well :slight_smile:


(Claudius Ellsel) #246

Sad to hear that. I assume it has something to do with the library used for communicating with the devices. Maybe it just has problems with many (more than one or two) devices.

Github actually is only one possible (and convenient) way to host git files. Issues are completely managed by Github. Here is a link to the openHAB Addons issue page on Github:
All you need to do is to set up an account at Github and create your issues there :slight_smile:


(Stephan K) #247

I removed all my devices, and only added two bulbs and it’s working without any issues know. As you said, too many devices cause the offline issue.


(Claudius Ellsel) #248

Thanks for letting me know. Since there did not seem to be an existing issue for this, I went ahead and created one:

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(Claudius Ellsel) #249

@Selter I noticed your problem now, I guess. You need to link the item to the correct channel. Instead of

Switch	Color_Toggle	 (Gyeelight,Glicht)	{ channel="yeelight:wonder:0x000000000xxxxx:colorTemperature" }

you need to do

Switch	Color_Toggle	 (Gyeelight,Glicht)	{ channel="yeelight:wonder:0x000000000xxxxx:color" }

(Dominik) #250

Honestly, I have only one Yeelight stripe connected and the same error. Online for 5-7 days and then offline.
If I switch server from Germany to China and backwards, I get it online again after a restart of OH.

Is there anything I can do to improve the situation?


(Stephan K) #251

Maybe it isn’t a issue with to many devices and only the bulbs doesn’t have this issue?!
If I have some time I will try to only use on ceiling light

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(Claudius Ellsel) #252

I already created an issue for that: Yeelight binding?
Now I added a comment that you are experiencing it with one device only. If you want, you can maybe help with debugging, best would be to join the discussion on GitHub and offer your help there.


(Selter) #253

Dear Jan,

Could you please provide an example.


(Jan Odvarka) #254

Sure. I will have to construct from memory as I got rid of all Yeelights but it went like this:
You have an item, say BedroomLight_Color connected to yeelight:wonder:xxxx:color channel.
Then in a rule you do BedroomLight_Color.sendCommand(50) and boom, your light got set to 50% brightness. Even BedroomLight_Color.sendCommand(0) worked and switched the light off.
Is this an answer to your question?


(Jan Odvarka) #255

Also, for anyone brave or skilled enough to tamper with the binding: I figured out there might be a simple reason the bulbs are not working as expected. There are now 4 different generations of bulbs that seem to share a name (branding). Thus, I got a Yeelight bulb (mine was generation 2 at 800 lumens), SKU DP0060W0EU, model no. YLDP06YL, which is different from the real wonder bulbs, which are first generation color bulb. Maybe you will need to acquire all the different makes of the bulb to actually write the binding correctly.
I can sadly offer no more advice as I have sold all my Yeelights off but maybe this small discovery will help someone.


(Claudius Ellsel) #256

@Selter can you please confirm whether the color bulb works for you now with the way I described above?


(Claudius Ellsel) #257

I think this won’t cause connection problems. Also I think that the two generations color bulbs can be treated both as wonder. At least that worked for me. Maybe it is different for light strips, although I wouldn’t know why.

What do you mean with 4 generations? I only know of two.


(Jan Odvarka) #258

I dug into yeelight forums and users there claimed there were two variants of each “generation” of the bulbs. I have no idea what the difference is supposed to be (maybe more luminosity and some small design difference, some people even weighted their bulbs) but seeing how different Yeelights are from all the other bulbs I have seen, I wouldn’t be surprised to see crippling differences between these models. As I said, it might save someone some time and it was free to write down :slight_smile:


(Claudius Ellsel) #259

Interesting, did not know that, thanks for the clarification!


(Marcello Martini) #260

I have a problem with my yeelight color bulb II. When I configure the light it work well, but after some minutes the lamp goes ofline and I’m not able to put it online. I’ve already tryed to restart openhab (I have openhabian on RPi3), I also delete the cache and I upgrade openhab to the last version. I can control the bulb with other apps trought the xiaomi cloud or by the lan control so I think that the problem depends on openhab. Can someone help me?


(Selter) #261

Sorry, up to now I had no time to test this.
I’ll try my best to get back to you asap


(Claudius Ellsel) #262

Looks like you are experiencing the same problem as many others when you look the posts above yours. There is also an GitHub issue for this linked in a post.

Do you only have that one device?

@Selter no problem, did not know you had no time. Just thought you had forgotten about this.


(Marcello Martini) #263

Yes, I have only this yeelight! but I also have a wifi led LD686 thing!