Yeelight binding?

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(Coaster Li) #21

Pull request created, waiting for review.

Anyone who has Yeelight product could try to test it in advance.

(Kuba Wolanin) #22

@coasterli could you publish working jar file somewhere? I think it would be helpful for people without development environment.
Thank you

(Kuba Wolanin) #23

I have one question regarding this binding:
Do you still need to use your smartphone app to link your bulb / lamp with WiFi network? I bought two white LED Bulbs and they are not detected. I tried with Yeelight app and with your binding.

EDIT: Ok, I’ve managed to connect one of them :slight_smile: It would be worth noticing in README that you need to connect your bulbs with smartphone app first. And for some reason in Yeelight app I needed to go to Devices settings and enable Developer Mode.
Then it was discovered by Yeelight binding.

It looks really promising! I’m looking forward to try it out.

BTW. Here’s the link to the built jar:

All you need to do is putting it into /addons/ folder in openHAB and you’re ready to add things to inbox.

(Sasha) #24

Hi, guys!

I’ve got Yeelight Bedside lamp, will it work as well? I’ve copied the jar to my OH 2.
I can see the binding in the paper UI but I cannot find a thing.
Please correct me if I’m wrong, is it discovering by bluetooth not wifi?

And also I cannot find where to enable developer mode in the app…


(Coaster Li) #25

I have updated README to notice that PRECONDITIONS.

Please review.

(Coaster Li) #26

Do you mean I need to add the jar file within my pull request? I didn’t find there is any binding jar in the directory you mentioned.

(Coaster Li) #27

I am afraid Yeelight Bedside lamp is BLE based, which is not supported by this binding.

All the supported devices are listed in the README.

(Sasha) #28

That’s sad, @coasterli. Any plans to look for BLE in the future?


(Kuba Wolanin) #29

There was one attempt to create Bluetooth Low Energy binding for openHAB some time ago, but looks like the author gave up on the effort.

@coasterli thank you for the updates. I asked for jar file just for the purpose of testing - before it’s merged to the addons repo. There’s no need to commit it.

(Coaster Li) #30

So,what I could do at this point is just waiting for your approval?:slight_smile:

(nils2410) #31

Does the binding work with openhab 1.8?
Thank you

(Kuba Wolanin) #32

No, it’s openHAB 2.0 oriented.

(Eyal Cohen) #33


I have the color led bulb and it was detected with Openhab2. I have the Thing and the channel but I cannot control it via Openhab. I did change the device to developer mode. Any thing that I am missing?


(Francisco Maia) #34

Me too.
Is there any tutorial to get the controlling part of the bulb going?

(Coaster Li) #35

Please connect your device with Yeelight app and enable developer mode.

Then it could be found by your openhab service.

BTW, you can search Yeelight in google play or app store.

(Francisco Maia) #36

I got it working now.

(Eyal Cohen) #37

What did you do to get it working? Can you share?

(Francisco Maia) #38

Check it out at:

(Markus) #39

I tried like is described - but the addon does not appear in paper UI!? Is there anything else to do?

(Markus) #40

strange - I don’t see it in the binding list, but in the configure List and I can scan for devices !?