Yeelight binding?

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(Eugen Luft) #121

Hi all,

i´m just wondering how i can configure the Yeelight Bedside Lamp 2 :thinking:
Openhab detects the lamp as yeelink.light.bslamp1 and i can switch on/off the lamp with miio:genericXXXXXX:power but i have no clue how to dimm or set the color :frowning:
I have different entries like Brightness or colorTempature but they are from type Number and they didn´t work if i assigned it to an item (NaN).
Any idea?

(marcel) #122

you can experiment by changing the model
e.g. try

possibly these support the channels for your model.

note that yeelight support in the miio binding is still quite alpha. it won’t break anything, but has high chance some channels don’t work yet for some models.

if you have better success with another model, let me know which chennel works and I can adjust the db for your device for it.

(Eugen Luft) #123

Unfortunately it doesn’t helped :frowning:
With yeeling.light.color1 i see Color as type Color but the lamp is not react on any changes.
Is there something i can try or help to figure out?

(Constantinos Contis) #124

i have 3 RGB yeelight bulbs and i am trying to change color so i give yeelightxxxxxx.sentCommand(HSBType::RED) and at the log i see that it changes the color but after that it changes back to the previous color state by itself.What is the problem?

(JustAProgrammer) #125

So finally, which binding should I use and How can I implement GitHub Addons (made for Eclipse SmartHome) into the VS Code IDE?

I have 3 Yeelights and I’m struggling to emigrate these into OH …

(Constantinos Contis) #126

got it my self today…when using in rule first turn on then change color.If i change color then sendCommand ON it uses the last color …

(JustAProgrammer) #127

So I managed to get everything working.
The only problem I have ist that they are shown as Offline in the Paper UI.
I’ve read about a Token required for the PaperUI setup but I don’t know where I would find one.

(Stefano) #128

@marcel_verpaalen i’m trying to connect my yeelight ceiling light but i’m not able to find the token, or it’s better to say that token is not preview for yeelight (as the Official Member of Yeelight official forum said to me). So it’s impossible to find automatcally the light by the inbox Papaer UI. By the npm miio i can see the ip address and the ID but the token is not present. So if I want to add manually the ligth How can I do?
Take in account that I’ve the Openahbian (openhab 2.2) on my raspberry, then the Xiaomi Smart binding that it’s working very well with the other devices, and the Yeelight binding of costerli SNAPSHOT 2.1.0 that doesn’t work (non light in the inbox), and your binding that seem to works rightly as I was been able to connect and control by token my xiaomi power strip.
Thank you and best regards

(Boris) #129


unfortunately ceiling lights dont work at all with the yeelight binding. The led-stripes with the current firmware also not working consistently.

Only the Bulbs are working, but hey, they working realy good.

Is there any chance that someone could fix this binding?

(sunseaandpalms) #130

Quick question from my side. Do people here think that it will be possible to implement support for Xiaomi eyecare desk lamp #2?

(Brian M. Pedersen) #132

I dont know if this helps, but I found a node-red “binding” could turn on and off the lght and set color temperatur howevery it cannot change the brightness.

(Simon) #133

You can control them via

Or with command line:

(Andras Miklos) #134

It is nice to see that Yeelight binding is again in progress:

Anyone, have the latest jar file about it?

(JustAProgrammer) #136

My Binding isn’t working anymore…
Any suggestions which Binding I could use ?

(Brian M. Pedersen) #137

You can use the binding hartmood switch to:

it’s in beta so you need to enable this in paper UI if you install bindings this way.

(JustAProgrammer) #138

Allright, is it working with the new Yeelight firmware?
Edit: it’s not. For everyone trying to install this Binding to control Yeelights (the old Version(with 600 Lumen)), they get discovered via PaperUI, but they’re offline 24/7

(Sebastian) #139

Is there currently any working Yeelight Binding? :slight_smile:

(Niko) #140

Hey do you have solution meanwhile?
By now i can only turn my bulb on and off :frowning:
I see there is a Item --> String XaomiMiIODevice0531B1B587142837YeelinkLightCt2Miio87142837_ActionsCommands “Actions commands”
And i’ve got this spec from yeelight:

but I have no Idea how to send a command like this: {“id”:1,“method”:“set_power”,“params”:[“on”, “smooth”, 500]}
for me, it sounds like i need to send in one package (int, string, array[string, string, int])
I’ve tested everything without any success :confounded:

im using the Xiaomi IO Binding

(marcel) #141

you can send set_power["on", "smooth", 500] in the miio binding.
Simpler alternative is to override the model in the config to one of the model strings of device that is supported

(JustAProgrammer) #142

My Yeelights are detected but offline.