Yeelight binding?

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(Andras Miklos) #163

@clel: Could I ask you, how can I get the Device ID of my Yeelight LED Ceiling Lamp?

(Claudius Ellsel) #164

Normally I would search for the device using Paper UI. There you can find the needed id then. Problem might be that your device is currently not supported by the binding. Then it is hard to get the id and also you don’t need it then, because you cannot use your device with the binding then. Maybe I can try to add some log info with the model when a device is unsupported.

Let me know, whether discovering from PaperUI works for you. If not, feel free to visit this issue to add support for your device:

(Andreas B ) #165


I am happy that the original Yeelight Binding is living again. But I got a problem with discovering devices. I already had that with the old binding. I needed to turn off WLAN or so and then it worked. Can you guess any cause for that? I will try to find that out again when it works and when not.

Thank you for your work.


Edit: With only WLAN active I find the bulbs. With only ethernet or both not… I added one bulb, but it shows offline all the time and I cannot change that anyhow…

Edit 2 (21.07.2018): I just went back to the version 2.1 from Coasterli. I got the same LAN/WLAN-problem, but there are different channels, so my configuration would be broken once more.

(Ewan Fleming) #166

Sorry, I’m struggling to find the precompiled jar for the Yeelight binding on Github, could someone post the direct link. Thanks.

(Andy) #167

not directly from github, but from jfrog:
I use the binding 2.4 Snapshot with openhab 2.3 and it works
Greets Andy

(Peppe) #168

Hi I moved from windows plattform to raspberryPi updating to the latest version: opehab 2.3 and yeelight binding 2.4.0.
I see only two channels for my color bulb (color and colortemperature) while with the binding 2.1.0 I was using 3 channels (what is missing is the brightness channel).
Is this expected?
How should I handle the brightness?

(Brian M. Pedersen) #169

Hey, I tried several binding to make my yeelight ceiling light work, this model: image
but I had no succes, apart from begin able to turn it on and off thought an node-red addon. Is this the one you are using to and did you find a way to control it?

(Peppe) #171

Any idea about the missing brightness channel?
without it is useless

(Clempat) #172

Hey people.

Thanks for this binding… I love Yeelight for the quality/price. I have myself ceiling Yeelight too. And I had it running with Mi IO binding before. But it is hard to get the token and make it work. Is there any reason to not having it working with the yeelight binding ? Can I help/test ? I found as well some issues with Mi IO binding to handle brightness if I am remembering good.


(Michael) #173

Hi there,

I own two Yeelight devices. The 2nd gen. color LED bulb works great with this binding. Thanks a lot for your work. The second device, though, is currently not recognized by this binding and It does not appear in PaperUI when searching for new things.

The unrecognized device is this fancy ceiling light with the starry lamp shade: I hope it’s OK to mention Gearbest as well as I think their product description is even better than the original Yeelight page:

What do you need to get this device supported? Can I supply any useful information?


(Clempat) #174

I am in the same situation and looking forward for the solution. I think you can follow better there (link already posted in this thread): (If you have java skills you should help there, I unfortunately don’t know much java)

But here how to make it appears as mentioned in the PR below. (knowing there still issues)

In openhab console look for the current yeelight bundle bundle:list then delete it bundle:uninstall myID and then install this version with bundle:install

I see now my ceiling light and hope you will see yours…

(Michael) #175

Thanks. I already noticed this PR and I’m also using that snapshot version of the plugin. Though, I can’t see the ceiling light in my inbox.

The device seems to announce itself with an WLAN id like “yeelink-light-ceiling3-xxx” to my router. Maybe “ceiling3” has to be added to the list of supported yeelight devices. I’ll do some more investigation and post on the Github PR.

(Clempat) #176

It is likely the reason yes. Sorry it did not helped.

(Esteban Ramirez) #177

Same here!!!

brightness channen is missing, any idea?

I’m using 2.4 yeelight snap binding


// Light
Dimmer Yeelight_Dimmer_Brightness "Yeelight Dimmer" {channel="yeelight:wonder:0x0000000004564e9e:color"}
Switch Yeelight_Switch            "Yeelight Switch" {channel="yeelight:wonder:0x0000000004564e9e:color"}
Color  Yeelight_Color             "Yeelight Color"  {channel="yeelight:wonder:0x0000000004564e9e:color"}
Dimmer Yeelight_Temp              "Yeelight Temp"   {channel="yeelight:wonder:0x0000000004564e9e:colorTemperature"}

(Killercorny) #178

I´ve tried to update the yeelight binding, but 2.3 and 2.4 are not working for me.
I previously had 2.1.0 snapshot installed and it works fine with my yeelight bulb 2, but I´m afraid it wont run with OH 2.3.

My yeelight is beeing discoverd, but also no function nor the brightness channel. Whats wrong with this binding, 2.1 was allready working… now nothing.

(SschMllr) #179

Same here! Brightness channel is missing, too…

(Peppe) #180

seems that anybody is interested in propose a solution for this dimmer channel issue…

rad1xs are you suggesting to use the color channel as brightness dimmer?

(Salexes) #181

I just installed the jar file from here:

I got no message in the logs that the binding was installed but it appears if i check in paper ui under bindings.

But it seems auto discovery is not working, lan mode is active.

How can I get the device id ? (i have an android phone)

(Andrew Crisp) #182

How do you even get the Wonder bulb to work at all?

If I manually create things/items/sitemap files it doesnt work, if I use paperui it does but I can only get the colour picker to work, temperature does nothing and there is no channel for brightness…

I bought these bulbs and was really looking forward to integrating them with OH and now it seems the binding is totally worthless.

I think it would save everyone a massive amount of time if admins added known issues to the bindings page to save everyone hours of googling and playing around when its apparent there is no solution.

(Peppe) #183

I tried your solution rad1xs but doesn’t work.
Even assigning a dimmer control to the color channel the lamp doesn’t change the brightness.
So today I’m not able to control the yeelight color bulb using openhab2.
Is there any idea to fix the binding? previous version was working perfect