Yeelight command item - how the heck does it work with node red?!

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing good.
I’m scratching my head at this one and indoor someone can help me out.
Now that Yeelight has begun removing lan mode from their bulbs it’s high time to block our Yeelight bulbs access to the internet before they update the firmware and permanently remove it from our bulbs.

Thing is, some of the functionally that the app has is actually nice. Namely scenes.
As I understand, that’s where the command item comes in.
I’ve tried with node red, but I’m not having much luck. None of the examples I found worked, and I can’t find that many examples online.

Is anyone capable of guiding me to a solution?
Main objective is to be able to trigger the standard scenes.

whatabout [Solved] Need Help with Yeelight Binding Send Command - #18 by skibro

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Tried it but no luck. I’m using node red and openHAB 2.5, while he is using openHAB 3 and the internal rule engine.
If I send his commands through node red nothing happens…

With all of the special characters that is shown in the other post, NR may be parsing your command differently than what you define.

What are you sending for your payload in NR?
What does the debug show for your payload in NR?

I think from the binding perspective little has changed for this channel in OH3 vs OH2.5
So indeed as long as you can send the right string with nodered to the channel would not expect this to be the bottleneck.

as suggested would start by comparing what you intend to send with what you see in the debug log to see if your intended string at all is send intact to the device.