Yeelight deviceid


I have a Mi Led bulb and was able to pair with the Yeelight app on the phone. I gave the Guest wifi password to the Yeelight app and this is what it is using. The LAN control option is turned ‘ON’ for the Led.

My openhab is running on main Network and is not accessible to the Guest network. Thus openhab was unable to discover the Led. Is there any way to get the deviceID from the Yeelink app or otherwise?

PS: I dont want my main network Wifi password to be stored on the Led or Xiaomi servers.

I was able to get the device id using the python package listed here.

I specified the deviceID (0x000blahbah) on the binding Things. However, the openhab says that the device is offline. I can ping to the Led from the openhab network.

The LED bulb in on a separate VLAN than Openhab.

Do the openhab and Led bulb need to be on the same network for this binding to work?

I moved my openhab server to the same subnet as the Mi Bulb, and the discovery showed up the devices. The device model was detected as yeelink.light.color3

Unfortunately, I changed from Yeelight app to Mi Home app on the android phone. Since then discovery doesnt show the devices any more. The yeelight (python) program does list the bulb though

[{'ip': '', 'port': 55443, 'capabilities': {'id': '0x000000000xxxxxxx', 'model': 'color', 'fw_ver': '35', 'support': 'get_prop set_default set_power toggle set_bright start_cf stop_cf set_scene cron_add cron_get cron_del set_ct_abx set_rgb set_hsv set_adjust adjust_bright adjust_ct adjust_color set_music set_name', 'power': 'on', 'bright': '100', 'color_mode': '2', 'ct': '4000', 'rgb': '16711680', 'hue': '359', 'sat': '100', 'name': ''}}]

Any idea why the miio binding doesnt discover it?



I had to manually add the device. The deviceID was obtained from the yeelight python program. The deviceID is eight digits 0xxxxxxx.

The token was obtained from the old MiHome apk 5.4.54. The ‘did’ in the Mi Home log is not the deviceID.