Yeelight send command

My Yeelight led strip arrive today and connected to openhab with Yeelight binding
I used the full example and everything created as expected and work
then I try to use the sendcommnad with simple switch and rule but nothing happend
Here is my code:

Thing yeelight:stripe:1 [ deviceId="0x000000000xxx..." ]

Color YeelightLEDColor { channel="yeelight:stripe:1:color" }
Switch YeelightLEDSwitch { channel="yeelight:stripe:1:color" }
String YeelightLEDCommand { channel="yeelight:stripe:1:command" }
Switch YeelightLedSwitchTest "Test Led Stripe" <switch>

rule "YeelightLedSwitchTest"
    Item YeelightLedSwitchTest changed
    YeelightLEDCommand.sendCommand ("set_power;\"on\",\"smooth\",2000")

2019-06-26 22:16:18.907 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'YeelightLedSwitchTest' received command ON

2019-06-26 22:16:18.937 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - YeelightLedSwitchTest changed from OFF to ON

2019-06-26 22:16:19.121 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'YeelightLEDCommand' received command set_power;"on","smooth",2000

2019-06-26 22:16:19.126 [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - YeelightLEDCommand predicted to become NULL

Why the command is not sent?
Thanks in advance

What makes you think the command is not sent?
It may be that this device doesn’t happen to recognize a random example command, I don’t know yeelight stuff so I don’t know how you’d find out a simple string to try out.

For encouragement, here’s another person doing much the same thing.

i also had issues understanding what is going on there with this send commands i decided to go full node-red on the binding :slight_smile:
with just using 3 items,

if you need the flow tell me …

You can add a autoUpdate=“False” to your channel, to avoid this behaviour.
Did you check your channel?
and use this syntax: ‘set_power[“on”,“smooth”, 500, 5]’.

@rossko57 I don’t know if the command sent or not, the strip is not on
The string is from the example on the binding page and from Yeelight reference
@Gad_Ofir I didn’t understand your reply, I only wont to use the sendCommand
@Nico111 How can I check the channel?

Hi oded, Node red is rule engine that can work with openhab…
i made the light work with some logic that will send command to each channel

@Nico111 I guess your right, there is no channel for command
What am I doing wrong?

the here is butten"show more "channels

and make sure you link it , so for example your colorTemp is not connected to anything

@Gad_Ofir No show more on that thing
In my case there must be 3 channel but I only see 2
I know that I have 1 channel without link

mm strange i think you should also have some channels for wifi strength

just a shot in dark but check the below config…

After upgrade Yeelight binding from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0 I have the command channel and it work

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