Yeelight wonder LED bulb loses connection


I have set up my yeelight wonder led bulb a couple of times in the following way:

Install yeelight binding,
Add thing with the right key,
Create items.
Add items to site map.

After doing this I can set the color and temp etc from basic ui /openhab app. But then when I try again a day later it doesn’t work anymore. I can still use the app to control the lamp but it doesn’t work through openhab anymore. Has anyone had this issue before? Let me know if you need extra information, any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Extra info:

  • Running openhab on raspberry pi through docker. version 2.4
  • Updating the light through yeelight app doesn’t reflect in the openhab items.
  • The yeelight is in “Lan control” mode (developer mode)
  • Removing the thing, and re-adding it has no effect.
  • Deleting the thing, restarting, and readding it fixes the problem for a day
  • The light bulb is discovered in inbox with the same id, the configured thing shows as offline.
  • The event log shows nothing out of the ordinairy

I’m using the miio Binding and it works really reliable.
& it gives you the advantage to directly access the API with the #action channel

On what system are you running which version of OH (and if applicable which snapshot)? Does a restart of OH2 help? Can you still access the yeelight through the control tab in PaperUI (or does it give you the correct status update there)? Anything in the event log? If you delete and add the binding does it work then?
We will need to identify where in the chain of yeelight—binding—thing—item—sitemap it actually breaks. Maybe others with more experience with yeelights will then be able to chime in.

`you may also want to have a look here:

Thanks for the advice. I ended up trying different approaches and creating the thing through paper UI fixed the issue. Now it keeps on working after the first day, which is weird but if it helps anyone in the future than i’m happy.

I just received my Yeelight Color LED bulb from China. It is auto discovered in the inbox. After adding it the status doesn’t change to online but stays instead on “unknown”. I am on snapshot release #1678 the the bulb has fw_ver 51.