I’m just trying OH after getting frustrated with HA but I’m struggling with this as well.

Got my Ikea lights all working nicely with HABPanel so that was a good start.

I’ve got a Yeelight colour bulb so I thought I’d add that next. I added the binding fine but when I try adding a thing using the Yeelight binding nothing comes up.

I looked at the instructions for doing it through miio and getting a token but there was something about installing an app, downgrading it, extracting a DB and standing on one leg with your left index finger inserted into your right ear… well, something like that.

Is that really the only way of adding a bulb?

Almost, it’s the right middle finger

AFAIK, yes

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Oh well, looks likes it’s back to HA for me for the moment. Such a shame as the OH platform is so much nicer to use. But it looks like it’s the same sort of hoops to jump through to integrate Hive.

I’ve installed OH on a second Pi and just ordered a Samsung ST hub. I might come back and have a look once I’ve got that working.