Yet another openhab app access issue

Do you have another Android or iOS device that you can try the app on?


It work fine on IOS but not on Android devices even after reinstalling the app.

Okay, two things to try.

  1. Can you log into using a web browser on your Android phone?
  2. Can you try the openHAB Beta app instead of the regular app? You can have them both installed at once.

Thks Rowling

1.Can you log into using a web browser on your Android phone?

===> I have no acces.

  1. I switched from 2…1 to the latest version (2.5)to dive thks issue :weary:

Please be more specific. When you go to the URL, are you able to enter a username/password and then you’re denied? Or are you not even able to access the URL in the first place?

I was suggesting that you install the “openHAB Beta” Android app from the Play Store. Sorry, that wasn’t clear on my part.

That being said, if you can’t access from a browser on your Android phone, then I don’t think the app is the problem.

Sorry, rpwong, don’t take in account my last reply. I was wrong.

Here my feedback

  1. I have acces to from my android browser.

  1. Even with the beta app, I have exactly the same issue.


I finaly create a new user with a much shorter email adress. The previous one had 18 caracters before the @.
I don’t know if this is the root cause but at leat it helps and I can acces now to myopenhab.

Glad you got it worked out. On that note, I see that your other email is contained in the log you posted. You might want to edit to remove it.

Goog hint.

Thks !

Did the old address have any special characters?

no only 18 characters including numbers

I had the similar problems after installing OH3, I was successful in fixing it by doing the following…
Install openHAB beta app on android 12, then login in. then accept prompt for certificat twice. Then both, the openHAB and the openHAB beta apps are now working.