Your openHAB is not online


When im loggin in at it means my openhab is offline.
I checked uuid and secret and i got no errors or warnings in log. Any Ideas?
Is it possible to check for openhab cloud service running. Fund no line in log

thanks for help

Check the StatusPage

I’m also discovering the same problem for the whole day.

Regards Jaco

I’ve checked and re-imaged several microSDHC cards to try and correct this problem, but unfortunately I too am stuck with it saying it is offline. I hope there is a solution soon as it’s been a long 24-30 hours of installing add-ons and typing the same programming over and over.

I just installed OH2 on Ubuntu and had this same problem. I needed to restart the OH2 service on Ubuntu. After that my status was online at

the status page is not reachable as well…

It is reachable, used it several times today.

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