Your opinion about binding

First I am new to Openhab and Raspberry PI. My setup is Openhabian running on a Raspberry PI 3 with a Aeotec Z-wave stick, have one light switch & controlling 3 Sonos players.

One of the reasons I wanted to get started with home automation is to control window blinds in a media room, I have the blind controller “my smart blinds” I got them from a Kickstarter campaign, I control them with a android app with bluetooth, when I run “sudo hcitool lescan” in puddy it finds “SmartBlind_DFU”. My Smart Blinds said the are working on SmartThings integration.

So this is my question, would it be better for me to try to make a binding to get the blinds to work in Openhab or wait till they have it working with SmartThings then try to get it to work in Openhab? On a side note I have no knowledge on how to build a binding, but I am willing to learn.


I guess you have these

It says it will be compatible with smart things, Alexa and HomeKit. You could wait for those technologies.

Yes that is what I have, but they don’t seem to to be to quick doing development.