Your setup for a wall mounted tablet

(scott dee) #101

there’s one brightness setting for the entire thing, unfortunately. i would also like separate brightness settings. oh well, not that big of a loss in my estimation.

what i do instead is say run the panel, set the screen saver for 60 seconds (or whatever) and then set a 10 minute timeout. after ten minutes the screen turns off. turn on motion detection and vibration detection. when you touch the panel or move near the panel it wakes instantly and goes to the main panel. that seems to be working well in my case.

(Mr. Yoinkz) #102

That’s a nice solution!
I’m not 100% sure what my goal is - whether I want to show the live feed from the cams.

Eventually I would love if my Xiaomi Sensor could trigger a “switch” and when the switch goes “ON”, then the Tablet would wake up and show the cam panel.

(scott dee) #103

that would be pretty useful. i use a synology with ~ 9 cams and the binding supports a motion detection “switch.”

I think there’s a REST interface to FKB or something along those lines and from the 5 seconds i spent reading about it, it’s very easy to use. It should be rather trivial to do exactly what you want so long as your camera can indicate motion to OH. I thought about live feeds on the panel but opted for 10 seconds snaps instead. I’m not sure how valuable a live feed really is or how much time i’d actually stare at it if i went in that direction. Not saying you shouldn’t do a live feed but try to think about whether it’s something you actually need/want.


excerpt from that page:

http://ip-address:2323. You have to specify the Remote Admin Password on the URL. Don’t forget to URLencode all query string parameters.

// Screensaver
/?cmd=startScreensaver&password=[pass] (ver. 1.21+)
/?cmd=stopScreensaver&password=[pass] (ver. 1.21+)

(Mr. Yoinkz) #104

I’m sorry - was not clear. I don’t want a live feed, but i use the snap.jpegs so yes a interval of 10 Seconds is probably the same I have configured in my panel right now.

I’m using the Ubiquiti cams with their own nvr. So far I haven’t been able to connect any of those with the OH. But I do have Xiaomi Aqara Sensors at the same spots, to trigger my lights - so maybe I could do something with that as well…

(scott dee) #105

yeah that should be a piece of cake, then. view my post above your last - i made an edit with some info from FKB’s web site.

(Mr. Yoinkz) #106

Looks very interesting!

I will see if I can things running - still a beginner - otherwise I will get back in here :wink:

Thanks man!

(lamero) #107

I used this :slightly_smiling_face:

(Leo Siepel) #108

@sihui i like your setup: Your setup for a wall mounted tablet
What cover did you use?

(SiHui) #109

One of the 360 degrees rotating covers where the backplate can easily be removed:

(Mr. Wiseman) #110

I have 3 of these on my wall; they work and look great . . .

Best, Jay

(Alexander) #111


i also got the fire 7" tab today.
I already installed the FKB and set up the screensaver an “screen off” at fkb.
Also i activated the motion control by the front cam. everything works so far, but the screen just doesnt get unlocked after a motion is detectet - it always stops at the unlock screen. is there a possibility that it unlocks itself after a motion is detected?

thanks, alex

(david) #112

See this post for the fire tablets

(Alexander) #113

this i already tried out (“dim:”). the screen dims down, but after that i get an error message that the url couldnt be loaded:

(Patrick Gerritsen) #114


I like your setup and i want to make the same

You used a Samsung Tab 2 and the 360 degrees rotating stand pu leather which mentioned above.

How did it work with the charging cable does it fit behind the tablet and before the case? Or dit you need to cut your wall?

(SiHui) #115


(Patrick Gerritsen) #116


I mean i also needed to cut my wall (concrete) i’m going to work with a usb in wall supply.
Such as [] (

But then still somehow the cable will need to go to your tablet and since your wall mount is flat to the wall?

Could you make a picture with only the cable and the wall mount (so no tablet)…

(SiHui) #117

You always can add spacers to have some more room for the cable like I did:

You won’t see anything special because the wallbox is hidden behind the back plate of the case. And I don’t want to unscrew it from the wall :grinning:

(Patrick Gerritsen) #118

See now i understand. You used the spacers between the mount and the wall so the cable could go behind the mount. i know enough thnx! :slight_smile:

(Bruce Varney) #119

Unfortunately these are no longer available from Amazon. Any idea where else I could look?

(Joern Herbst-Heyde) #120

thanks for this post. Now I’m also using the fire 7 tablet as HapPanel. With the Silk browser and the “keep screen on” app, it works well.
There’s only one disadvantage, I discovered: The refresh cycle of the browser is too slow, when an item state or a value is changing, the tablet shows this e.g. 20 minutes later. It looks that the HabPanel site is in the cache of the browser for longer time.
Is it possible, to refresh the site in shorter intervals? Probably every 10 or 20 seconds.
Forget the silk Browser. I installed the HABPanelWiewer and everything works obvious well.
Thanks to Volker