Youtube API into OpenHAB2

Hi All,

I mostly use Airplay with Youtube for my music at home - Youtube has some great playlists and mixes that Spotify/Tidal do not.

With this in mind, im wondering would it be possible to intergarte the Youtube API into my OpenHaB2 with the ability to play the playlists , via the Airplay , to a IP enabled Linn DS streamer I have or any other Airplay source.

I can see theres a gorgeous one for Spotify.


No one? :frowning:

Surprised at no replies to this! Surely others use YouTube Red/YouTube Premium?

Hi Kris,
It’s been long time since you posted it but just wondering if you had any chance to find your own solution to it ?
Certainly I would be interested to integrate YouTube into OH2 like many others.

Nothing I’m afraid Andy :frowning:

I guess there is still nothing in development?

I wish I knew how to make it myself, as I’m not familiar enough with openhab and even less with the Youtube API.