Z-TRM2fx device database update

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(Willem van Asperen) #21

stuff is happening, look: https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/980

(Chris Jackson) #22

Sorry about the lack of response here.

I just had a look - the non-multichannel association groups should be fine - I think that’s what is in the database now (although there are 5 groups in the database, and only 4 listed in the manual, so this should be checked).

Depending on exactly how this device works, there is a small chance that we may have some problems with reports. This is a pretty messy area of ZWave that has evolved relatively quickly and there are multiple definitions in the ZWave standards, and even more ways of implementing it! Currently the binding / database doesn’t support associations in endpoints other than the root, so if there is a problem, then I will need to look at this - so far though all devices have been configurable through the root association groups, so hopefully we’ll be ok here as well :slight_smile:

So, bottom line - make sure the groups are configured as per the non-multichannel definitions and let’s see if there are any issues, and also let’s see what channels are the ones that report.

Let me know how it goes…


(Christoffer Hirth Aune) #23

Sorry for a week without any updates…

I updated the associations according to manual now.
I left the endpoints unchanged, except from adding label to distinguish which sensor is floor and air. I guess the rest of the data under endpoints are automatically generated from the zwave .xml file?

Once a new version is built with this included I can test it here. My understanding is that this is done using a .jar built from the development branch, is this available from some CI server? I could not find the link.

(Ole Morten Rønning) #24

I believe the development branch of the Z-wave binding is terminated. It now goes straight into the SNAPSHOT.
Right @chris ?

(Scott Rushworth) #25

(Chris Jackson) #26

I’m not sure if this got added before the system went down or if it’s waiting in the current PR - hopefully the CI will get resolved some time soon…