Z-wave 500watt + dimmer module

Hey all :slight_smile:
A simple question, is there any dimmer modules for the zwave network that’s supports a load at 500watt ?
I bought a 4*500 watt dimmer din rail module on amazon, but first the first channel broke after just 5 minutes with a 25 watt load. 2. the way the dimmer works is by a fibero rgbw module where the output I controlling a triac with a pwm signal :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: so not a dimmer for normal lights
So i hope there is somebody in this forum that can give me an advise :grin::grin:

Best regards

Are you looking for a module only or can a wall mount switch work? You could build them into a 4 gang box someplace if you need a back room module…

I have several of these: http://a.co/aEbwB2y

They are listed as 500 watts. I use them with LED, halogen and incandescent.
They also list a 1000 watt version: http://a.co/1Qg5HXg