[Z-Wave] Aeotec Multisensor 6 can't be configured when USB-powered


I recently started powering my Multisensor 6 with an USB cable.
Unfortunately this is still recognized as a Battery-Device.
Under Information -> Power I see “Battery 100%” instead of “MAINS”.
Since the device is now mains powered, id doesn’t send wake up notifications anymore.
But the binding waits for those to set parameters. I specifically have to push the wake up button, then the values are transferred correctly. The button is on the back which makes this quite a procedure.

Is there any possibility to “override” the “Power” attribute so the controller recognizes this properly?

You need to exclude the device from the network and reinclude it back into the network. ZWave devices are not allowed to change their command classes once included, so devices like this, and devices that have (for example) optional temperature sensors, need to be excluded and reincluded if you change their configuration.

I did try that. While the normal configuration seems to be set immediately I still can not set the Associations for Group 2.
Any idea?

No - I don’t see why this should change if you have a battery or mains device.

If the device is still reporting battery powered, then it might need a full reset, and then be included again on mains power. I’m surprised that this is needed, but if you say you’ve already re-included it on USB power, then I’m out of ideas - sorry.