Z-Wave Aeotec Z-stick gen5 & smart switch 6 issue

Hi all,

I have a problem with my Aeotec Z-stick gen 5 and a Aeotec smart switch 6 and multisensor 6. I have recently replaced my old Z-wave stick, and have a problem in OpenHab. First of all, I get a lot of time-out error messages in the log (error while sending data, resending, timeout while sending). Second, all nodes do show up in Habmin, where the stick is green but the other nodes often are red/yellow.

Now, the strange thing is, they do actually work: the sensor gives back values for temperature, humidity etc., and I can turn the switch ON, but I can not turn the switch OFF (configured as SWITCH_BINARY for the item). Anyone having similar issues or an idea how to fix this? I am running the latest snapshot of Openhab 1.8.2, latest z-wave addon snapshot (1.9.0).


It would be useful if you can provide a debug log file so we can see what “this” is…